Know Your Loved One Is Safe and Sound

Turn to a memory care facility in Duluth, MN

Is your loved one suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia? It can be tough to see a loved one lose their memories. When this happens, it's crucial that you get help from professionals who care.

Open Arms Senior Living is a memory care facility in Duluth, MN where you can find the care and support you seek. We offer dementia and Alzheimer's care services. Speak with a member of our team today to explore your options.

What makes us a good choice?

Our staff takes the necessary precautions to ensure that our residents are safe and sound. We're a good pick for dementia and Alzheimer's care services because:

  • We have a secured unit with a wander guard system
  • We're licensed to provide memory care services
  • Our staff is trained on Alzheimer's and dementia
Open Arms Senior Living is a memory care facility where your loved one will be safe and protected. Call 218-275-7280 to learn more.

We have experience caring for those with all kinds of memory issues

Having a loved one with a memory loss disease can be a challenge. And there comes a point where you just can't care for them alone. If you need a helping hand in making sure your family member gets the care they need, turn to Open Arms Senior Living. We're a memory care facility located in Duluth, MN. We offer services to those with:

  • Alzheimer's
  • Dementia
  • Amnesia
  • Brain tumors
  • Brain cancer
  • Traumatic brain injuries

We'll make sure your loved one is cared for in a safe and secure environment. Contact us now to learn more about our Alzheimer's care services.

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